What's The Craic? With Paddy Egan

What's The Craic? With Paddy Egan

March 20, 2013

On any given day you can walk into M.J. O'Connor's at The Park Plaza and for a split second forget that you are in Boston and think you just walked into a pub in Ireland. It’s not just because of the authentic decor, the perfectly poured Guinness or the deliciously fried fish & chips. Oh, it’s much more than that; it’s the people! The people like Paddy Egan, bartender extraodinaire that has been working at M.J.’s for 11 years!


Paddy, a native of Tipperary Ireland, is hands down the nicest person I have ever met! He is my definition of the perfect bartender. Always cheery & friendly and never without a smile. He knows all the regulars’ names and will learn the newest guest’s name in no time. But speaking of names, don’t ever spell his P-A-T-T-Y, read on to find out why...


M.J.’s seems like one big happy family! What makes working at M.J.’s so special, that they are able to keep great employees, like yourself, for so long?


Firstly, I think we all get along so well. Secondly, we work and play together and enjoy each other’s company. Thirdly, there is great respect for our fellow employees as we are all on the same team.


Would you say M.J.’s embodies the qualities of a true Irish pub?


Yes, as I am authentic Irish myself ha ha. Yes, we do have a lot of Irish staff which makes us stand out from other Irish bars. The guest sees this too as we get a lot of repeat customers. The fact we have been in business 13 years says a lot.


You have so many regulars and they all love you! How do you deal with the occasional unruly guest?


The vast majority of our regulars are awesome and yes we do have the occasional unruly guest. Firstly, we try to talk to them and bring them to their senses. If this approach fails we call on the chief negotiator e.g. Peter Duffy ha ha.


You always seem to be in a very pleasant mood. Does anything get you angry?


Yes I try to be on my “A” game all the time. One thing that gets me vexed is when people spell my name incorrectly e.g. Patty. The correct spelling is Paddy.


What is the strangest/best tip you ever got? One time I had a guy reserve a particular table for dining later that day and he rewarded me handsomely when I had his table ready.


Your old friend Andrea Ahearn has a little interview of her own for you:


If you were a contestant on the Flavor of Love, what would your nickname be? That’s the guy with the big clock, yes? I need to be careful here trick question! My name would be “Tayto, the man behind the jacket”.


What IS the craic? The craic is always mighty we are sucking diesel now ha ha.


If you could be any menu item, what would it be and why? Fish and Chips because you get to hang out in a beer bath before you get nice and crispy.


What is your worst quality? Wow this is getting hard. Putting shamrocks on the bottom of a pint of Guinness.


The one thing that your coworkers do that make you angry as a bag of cats? Not having the kettle full of boiling water.


What funny interview question would you ask if you were conducting an interview? Dessie, would you do F1 go-cart racing with me and the crew at M.J.’s?


Do you miss Andrea? Yes she was good at keeping me on my toes.


Do you know how to Dougie? I’m lost here!


Your pal and fellow bartender Olive wants to know; “how it feels every year to have Tipperary lose to Kilkenny in the hurling?” “What’s Matilda's favorite outfit to wear?” “How do you always keeps your "Dan the man"charm?!” This is a very loaded question. Firstly Tipperary are on the way back this year with new management and a willing formula. Matilada's outfits vary depending on the occasion which is a lot like us humans. Charm comes in a little bottle, you can also use Guinness as a substitute ha ha. Note: Matilda is Paddy & his wife Elaine’s dog.


Jeff Maubourquette wants to know “How, growing up on a farm has prepared you for bartending in the big city, any similarities?” Well growing up on a farm you have to be able to do various jobs and time manage. Being a bartender you have to be able to multi task and also interact with the guest. Both jobs have time constraints and each day offers new challenges.


Hannah Kempski from BG HQ has MANY questions: -How’s married life? Married life is awesome, Elaine and I are going to Greece on our honeymoon in May.


Are you planning for any wee ones? Let’s see how the Matilda project works out.


What’s your favorite Irish saying? “The only thing to do with good advice is to pass it on. It is never of any use to oneself.” Oscar Wilde


If you could be any animal, what would it be and why? Dog because you get fed well and get humans to clean up after you.


How has the neighborhood changed over the years? Well there is a lot more variety of restaurants in the area and it seems safer.


Is Sean Newell really the Mayor of Park Square? Yes because he is the guy with the Midas touch.


Will English asks; “How do you remain so proper all the time?” I think one’s attributes should define an individual but at the same time you should work equally as hard on all shortcomings.


What is your favorite night of the week to work? Any night I’m at M.J.’s.


What is your signature drink? A good pint off Guinness.


What drink do you hate making the most? Black n Tans because of its political reference.


Finally, give us your best Irish saying. A cabin with plenty of food is better than a hungry castle.


Stop in any time and say hello to Paddy!


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