Secret Boom Boom Shrimp Sauce Revealed!

Secret Boom Boom Shrimp Sauce Revealed!

April 22, 2014

Gather in Boston's Seaport District features a dish that we like to call Boom Boom Shrimp –an IPA-battered shrimp dish that’s tossed with a delicious aioli. The sauce has got a spicy kick, but just the right amount of sweetness, too.

The aioli is not only great for fried shrimp, it is great on grilled seafood and even sandwiches. Lucky for us, Chef Dennis at Gather revealed its secret recipe to us to enjoy at home too!


10 - Egg yolks

1 qt - Cannola oil

4 tbsp - Sambal olek (chili sauce)

4 tbsp - Mae poy (sweet chili sauce)

1/4 cup - Tamarind paste

2 tbsp - Garlic (Minced)

2 tbsp Ginger (minced)

1/4 cup Mirin

1. Start by adding the egg yolks ginger, and garlic together in the blender.

2. Slowly add the canola oil by the drizzle.

3. When the mixtures starts to come together start adding the rest of the ingredients. When it starts to let get too loose drizzle more oil, and then start putting the remaining ingredients.

4. The final product should be lighter and looser than a mayonnaise and then tossed with the shrimp in a bowl or poured on your favorite grilled seafood or sandwich.


Gather restaurant and bar is located in Boston's Innovation District in District Hall, the city's new home for innovation.

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