Joe Fenton's Trip Down The Green Briar Memory Lane

Joe Fenton's Trip Down The Green Briar Memory Lane

September 17, 2014

The Green Briar is turning 25 years old on Friday!

Our famous General Manager Joe "Joey" Fenton took a trip down memory lane with us in celebration of the party!

How long did you work at The Green Briar? From 1990-1991 and then 1994-2011. Prior to the Green Briar, I worked at the Kinvara Pub from 1981-1994 as a bartender and then manager.

What was the best part about working at the Green Briar? I enjoy being around people and seeing people have a good time. It was also a lot of fun watching several championships being won by our teams!

What do you eat there over and over again? Can't go wrong with the Irish Breakfast on a Sunday morning.

If you could go back 25 years, what would you name "The Green Briar"? The Green Briar name is perfect, although when people run them together as "greenbriar" it confounds me.

What is the best piece of advice that you've learned along the way about hospitality? “There is no hospitality like understanding.” Meaning, you should apply how you would like to be served when you are a customer at a Bar or Restaurant.

What will you be drinking at the 25th Anniversary Party? Guinness, and a little uisce beatha (look it up).

Tell us an embarrassing story. In the early 2000s, we were televising an All-Ireland Football Match. As I set up a VCR to tape the match, I didn’t realize that when the tape ended it would turn off all power to the satellite feed. Ten minutes into the second half, the power shuts off and as I went into the music closet, I could feel 379 sets of hairy eyeballs plotting my demise if I didn’t get the TVs back on……thankfully the TVs came back on and I didn’t need an armed escort that afternoon.

Most memorable shift? It's too hard to isolate just one, although the St. Patrick's Days are always memorable.

Anything else you want to say? The Green Briar has been the setting of so many life-changing events for so many people in and out of Brighton. We have had couples have their first meeting at a Catunes show, then a couple of years later, have an engagement party, and wedding rehearsal dinners, then segueing into a baptism, first communions and all other family events. I’m proud of how we have been a Brighton institution for 25 years and counting…

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