He's One in a Nillion! Meet Jason Nill!

He's One in a Nillion! Meet Jason Nill!

October 26, 2012

Plaza III Kansas City Steakhouse was a staple in Faneuil Hall for many years! With it’s iconic location in the greenhouse, it would immediately stand out to all tourists, locals and passerbys. In 2010 The Briar Group took over this location and decided to bring Anthem Kitchen + Bar back to life. There wasn’t much that could be salvaged from the traditional steak house in terms of decor and furniture. However, there was one diamond in the rough that stood out amongst all the cow statues, old west photos and dust. That shiny diamond was a man in the form of Jason Nill.


Jason ran the steakhouse as General Manager for 6 years. When offered the management position at Anthem, he gladly accepted and became a member of the Briar Group family! After working almost 3 years at Anthem, Jason took on a new endeavor. He is currently working with the management team over at The Lenox Hotel ( City Table, City Bar & Solas)...let’s learn more about Jay Nill, shall we....



Quite a transition going from Faneuil Hall to The Lenox Hotel…how has working in the biggest tourist section of the city helped prepare you for hotel life?


JN: Working in Faneuil Hall really gives you a chance to meet a wide variety of people. I would describe our patio in Faneuil Hall as a mix of tourists wearing lobster hats holding maps sitting next to a group of businessmen getting a quick bite to eat. A broad spectrum of guests… plus I have learned how to say “I am Beer” in several languages.


Was the transition from working at Plaza III to The Briar Group a difficult one? What are some of the differences?


JN: Huge transition, I was the lone wolf before joining BG. As a way of adding money to the bottom line the owners of P3 felt the best way to save was to cutout all my support staff and managers. Working in that environment was extremely stressful. In general that is the number one difference. I never take for granted the amount of support that BG provides.


Were you sad to see Plaza III go, or did you welcome the fresh, new change?


JN: Bittersweet, P3 had run its course – It was time for a change and Anthem was just that.


What is your favorite thing about running a restaurant?


JN: For me it’s simple, there’s nothing better than a busy restaurant full of happy customers. It’s all about the vibe, it’s infectious (sorry hard to explain). We work in such a different business model than others… I am the host of this party; I need to be both entertaining and gracious to everyone, all the while being a savvy businessman.


What is rule #1 in running a successful restaurant, in your opinion?


JN: Smile.


Do you like being in the hotel setting as opposed to the stand alone restaurant?


JN: Yes, they both have their advantages but there is always something going on here.


What do you miss most about Anthem?


JN: That’s easy – the old team. We had a great core group for a while… and the Slammer.


What are some of the more humorous customer related stories working at Anthem?


JN: Well one time a woman mistook my warm welcome at the front door for me being her blind date… It was right in front of the hostesses & was quiet embarrassing. Another favorite was a younger guy kept calling me “the Dollar Shave Club guy” I didn’t get it until I YouTubed dollar shave club. Pretty funny. (Look, it up the resemblance is uncanny!)


What does hospitality mean to you?


JN: It means treating people how I would like to be treated, then going a step beyond.


How long does it take you to get ready in the morning?


JN: I’m a simple guy, 45 minutes…Wait is that long?


How do you get your teeth to twinkle when you smile?


JN: They are actually dental implants with color kinetics.


Brendan Griffin, nemesis or comrade?


JN: Wow, Comrade of course… I think you girls are the ones who pit us against each other. Brendan is one of the most polished managers I have worked a dining room with.


Todd Bennett wants to know, “why do you always wear pink? And what was the name of your polo pony?”


JN: I’m an eccentric guy, navy & pink are my two fav colors. Ouch… well, his name was Sperry & he was a steed!


Chef Ben Hennemuth says “I miss you bro!!” and speaking of Ben… mad, culinary genius? Or hopeless Twisted Tea addict?


JN: Thanks Ben, definitely culinary genius… actually wait some of those crazy ideas might have come while under the influence of several Twisted Teas.


What is your mantra?


JN: That’s easy I’m a “glass is half full” kinda guy.


Finally, who IS Jason Nill and what does he like to do in his spare time?


JN: Fun loving, honest, resourceful, hardworking & quick-witted, family man who currently spends his free time happily chasing around his 1 year old son.


Jason currently resides in Belmont with his most fantastic wife Kristen and one year old son Ashton!


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