Cocktail Week with Eater Boston - Moira Toomey

Cocktail Week with Eater Boston - Moira Toomey

October 28, 2014

Eater Boston held their third annual Cocktail Week last week, and one of our own bartender's, Moira Tooney of Gather, was asked to participate! 

Here are her helpful tips, tricks, and cocktail firsts! 

Moira's Cocktail Mentor: Tommy Dowd.

First Cocktail Moira Ever Drank: Malibu Pineapple.

The First Cocktail Moira Ever Learned to Make: Manhattan.

Moira's Go-To Cocktail Bar When Not at Gather: Drink or Eastern Standard.

Moira's Trusty Hangover Cure: Breakfast sandwich — bacon, egg, and cheese — from Sidewalk Café in South Boston.

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