Cocktail Week with Eater Boston - Kaitlena Cash

Cocktail Week with Eater Boston - Kaitlena Cash

October 28, 2014

Eater Boston held their third annual Cocktail Week last week, and one of our own bartender's, Kaitlena Cash of Anthem Kitchen + Bar, was asked to participate! 

Here are her helpful tips, tricks, and cocktail firsts! 

Kaitlena's Cocktail Mentors: I've got two cocktail mentors. Jason Lomberg and Moira Toomey. Both taught me how to mix a mean drink and be snarky as often as possible.

Cocktail Pairings - Spiciest Curry Dish Ever: Vodka soda.

First Cocktail Kaitlena Ever Drank: First cocktail I remember drinking is, embarrassingly enough, a Grateful Dead. Not sure if that technically counts as a cocktail...but 18-year-old me sure did love ‘em. And I certainly don't remember drinking the second.

Things People Steal From the Bar: Glassware theft is commonplace at Anthem. We have these lovely Mai Tai glasses that resemble the Easter Island statues and are about as annoying as they are desirable. We lose at least one a weekend. Surprisingly enough, it's generally middle-aged women with kids that end up snagging themselves a tiki mug. Maybe Mai Tai glasses make it easier for toddlers to stomach Pedialyte.

Cocktail Pairing - Greasy, Mediocre, Late-Night Slice of Pizza: Vodka soda.

First Cocktail Kaitlena Learned to Make: The first cocktail I remember learning how to make was a pear martini. Well, professionally anyways. I've been making margaritas (tequila and juice) for years.

Kaitlena's Go-To Cocktail Bar When Not at Anthem: Coogan’s. Dollar drafts. Takes a goddamn mixologist to tap that keg. Just kidding. They have the best cocktails at Chili’s…

Kaitlena's Tips for Building a Better Home Bar: My mom asks me this question all the time. She loves yummy drinks and is always looking for ways to be a ‘mixologist’ at home. This is also coming from a woman who legitimately thinks that diet Orange Crush and Pinnacle whipped is an actual cocktail. I always suggest to have some simple syrup on hand. Make some, and it can last in the fridge for about two weeks. Buy a cocktail shaker. You can get them at Target. And they're cute! Other than that... Google can be your friend. If you like a certain liquor, look it up! See what recipes our friend the internet suggests, and go from there.

Customers' Worst Habits: Can I make a few paragraphs? Kidding...Anyway, since it's that wonderful time of year again (cold and flu season), blowing your nose is totally understandable. Leaving your snot rags on the bar for my pretty little hands to pick up? Not cool. That's got to be my worst pet peeve. Reaching over the bar and touching me is a close second to booger rags. Not only is that a bad customer habit, but it's a bad people habit. Did I touch you? Probably not. Did I ask you to touch me? Hopefully not. Would you like me to come into your entry-level accounting job and try to run my fingers through your hair? Well you probably would if you’re touching random bartenders. Other than that, we don't have all day and I could elaborate for hours. So let's just leave it there.

Customers' Best Habits: Giving me money. Also, I really like when people remember my name. Hi, I'm Kait! I'm also a huge fan of manners. Please, thank you, all that good stuff is an A+ in my book!

Kaitlena's Opinion on the Word "Mixologist": Eh mixologist. I would never say I was a mixologist. Just the same as I wouldn't say I was a dermatologist. Okay, I guess that's pushing it, but still. I think it's kind of pretentious to call yourself a mixologist.

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